Yemeni army demolishes “Houthi” sites west of Marib

    Marib (Agencies)

    The Yemeni Army Forces, supported by the Air Force for the support of popular resistance and coalition forces, are waging a relentless battle against the Iranian-backed “Houthi” militia on the al-Qasara and al-Mushahiz fronts, to the west of Ma ‘rib regime. The media center of the Yemeni Armed Forces said yesterday: In addition to the destruction of the 14.5 caliber kit, 7 members of the “Houthi” militia ambushed by the National Army were killed on the al-Qasar front. The forces bombarded the three enemy crews at the front and all those on board were killed. The board was killed.
    On the al-Mashaja front, the “Houthi” militia suffered losses and losses in the path they encountered, through artillery shelling of national army and troops and raids by coalition aircraft, targeting Houthi sites, assemblies and reinforcements. happen. The center published video footage of gatherings with “Houthi” sites and artillery of the National Army and coalition aircraft on the Qasar front west of Marib.
    The center also documented moments of national army forces with storms at the sites of the “Houthi” militia in al-Qasara. The scenes depict the flight of militant members from their positions, due to their increasing losses in the furious war there. Last Saturday, Yemeni army forces defeated “Houthi” militias from several locations in the al-Qasar front and 18 “Houthi” combatants were killed by army shelling. On the Serwa front west of Marib, forces of the National Army shot down a militia reconnaissance plane.


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