We will not turn our face away from the world – Al-Etihad newspaper

    A useful sentence in establishing action and interaction with the world, so that life is illuminated with the lamp of happiness and the lamp of well-being, and the five continents are leveled, and the existence of high-level antelope in their plains remains and orthodox doctrine.
    The world has tried all kinds of relationships and invented theories, all of which have failed miserably, because those are the principles I am sick of, and with a broken, and troubled soul, driven by doubt , And a mind full of confused thoughts, perverted, and a churning heart, with the passage of time, stabbed with anxiety, and rife with grief.
    In the sentence of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, a clever success towards a deeper philosophy, which is aware of what the world knows about their weakness and theirs, and this sentence has a meaningful intellectual paradigm, and purpose. To get rid of the world of visual confusion, and to go with it where the truth lies, which humanity lied forever and did not succeed in proving that it was able to cross the tunnel, so that a man Come from the ancient desert tent, perfected with his language, comfortable with his thought, deep in his philosophy, a genius in dealing with reality, and he told all people, We are from the soil of the earth, and an existence from the core Is, and no matter that we have reached the bone, we will not be able to cultivate nature and subdue its publishers until we put our hands up and go into tolerant, cooperative, mutually supportive Are, and our dream is one, and our goal is one, to fulfill happiness for all and provide prosperity to every person on earth, And to exploit the potential of our mother earth for the benefit of everyone. With this awareness, Mohammed bin Rashid tells the story of UAE’s success in reducing human nervousness, neutralizing selfishness, and opening huge room windows on all sides, so that the air is clean, the hearts are clean, the minds are smart, and The anger of the world ceases, and the dream is as if it rains rain, to give grass to the earth, and people’s arteries bloom with glow, flow and elegance, and the wrinkles of people’s foreheads disappear. Are, and they are replaced by flashes of bright smiles.
    This is the principle of Mohammed bin Rashid in life, in the relationship of man to man, in the development of societies, for his growth and expansion of pupils of ambitions, and His Majesty’s ambitions are without his limitations, as is his vision of the world. . And he does not fail to respond to Mohammed bin Rashid’s tweet, except for his heartbreaking incident.


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