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    My father died six months ago, and as the eldest son in the family, it was my responsibility to save him.

    A 14-year-old boy has become the youngest in the United Arab Emirates to receive a live liver donation from his brother.

    Montasir Elfatih Moheldin Taha was diagnosed with biliary stones in infancy, a condition in which bile ducts outside the liver fail to form during fetal development.

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    At 10 months, they had to go through the butchering process, which is done by connecting a loop of small bowel directly to the liver so that the bile can drain into it.

    His savior, Khalifa, said: “My younger brother needed me. I was very relieved when I was told that I could help cure his illness. This was one of the easiest decisions I had to make.

    “My father died six months ago and as the eldest son in the family, it was my responsibility to save him.”

    Earlier this year, Montsir symptoms and blood tests showed that he had started developing liver failure and was suffering from portal hypertension. Seeing the high risk of potential complications, his doctors in Sudan recommended that he undergo a liver transplant at the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

    Dr., director of liver transplant and hepatobiliary at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. Luis Campos said it was one of the most complex living donor liver transplant surgeries performed in the hospital.

    “Additional nuances had to be noted due to their age, which made it even more challenging … Factors such as height and weight impact after surgery and care, and the dose of immunosuppressive medication during and after transplantation. Determine … Pediatric liver transplantation also poses a risk of other infectious complications that do not apply to adult surgery, “Campos said.

    The team evaluated Montasir’s mother and brother for a match in February. After careful discussion with colleagues at the US-based Cleveland Clinic, doctors decided that their sibling would be a more appropriate match.

    The chairman of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the Digestive Diseases Institute, Dr. Siva Kumar said that one of the biggest challenges during Montasir’s transplant was the butchering process of the young patient.

    Dr. Kumar said, “Because the butchering process is usually done to prolong the need for liver transplant in children, it is a major operation and it challenges the transplant.”

    However, the surgery of both brothers was successful and without complications. Montasir received a left lobe from his brother. This is a small part of the liver, if we were doing a right lobe transplant. This creates a safe operation for the donor and helps them recover faster. “

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    The brothers are on their way to full recovery. The Caliph is back to his normal life, while Montassir will be on an immunosuppressive regiment for the rest of his life.

    The Khalifa urged more people to consider organ donation. “The feeling of giving someone a chance to live a normal life is incomparable. You will be satisfied to see the result of your donation. “

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