This means Hideki Matsuyama won “Twilight Time” in August, 10 years into Roma, “the rhythm is finite. The effort is endless” A green jacket dream (1/4 page) – performed in Zaczak – Yucan Fuji Official Website

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    This means Hideki Matsuyama won in August in “Twilight” In a 10-year-less amateur, “talent is finite. Effort is infinite” executes in a green jacket dream.
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    Hideki Matsuyama won the championship as a Japanese player, an Asian player for the first time. The victory is still the result.

    “I really wanted to do a dare pose, but I couldn’t decide on that put…” Matsuyama said with a shy glance. At the Masters Championship press conference, I thought it was Matsuyama, and when an American reporter was asked, “You’re the greatest golfer in Japan right now, do you think so?”, “No, I don’t think it’s not ? Biggest. But I was the first player to win a major tournament, and I was able to win by aiming for the odds of winning. “

    It was in 2011 that Matsuyama actually decided to overcome that hurdle. It was exactly 10 years ago when I first appeared as an amateur player. There, he won a low amateur and stood at the awards ceremony. Among them, Matsuyama was affected by the incident in the 18th hole on the last day. Welcoming Matsuyama, the gallery’s applause and cheer said, “I got fart bumps. It was actually my first experience. Another award ceremony (I got fart bumps). I was surprised because there was a lot of applause. I got nervous.” Was. ” Was more nervous than playing. I saw the green jacket and thought it was cool. I want to wear it someday. “

    After that, Matsuyama worked hard to improve and hone his skills, as he said, “Talent is finite. Effort is endless.”

    I interviewed Matsuyama two months after getting less amateur. The thing that impressed me was, “I have never held a club since I returned to Japan.”

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