Dinah Mahmud (London) – With the United States requesting militant Houthi militias to stop their military operations in Marib, Western experts and analysts condemned the Houthis’ adherence to a military option, and called for the international community to impose sanctions Called. Which would force them to lay down their arms and respond to the efforts made to end the current war.
After the American envoy in Yemen, Timothy Lendraking confirmed the need for a comprehensive ceasefire in Yemen and the end of the Houthi attack on Marib, Western experts emphasized the importance of adopting an approach based on extreme economic pressure, as well Also targeted. Pressure on parties benefiting from the war. Which currently represents militant Houthi militias and their regional support.
Experts who attended an online seminar to discuss the events of the Yemeni crisis agreed that the Houthi militias are the sole beneficiaries of the continuation of the war that has raged in Yemen for more than 6 years, which has caused it to spread across the world. Has become the arena of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. After this 80% of the citizens became in need of aid, and a large number of them fell below the poverty line. Experts said, “Only Yemen can compromise until the conflict. Rampage in their country, without external intervention,” in clear condemnation of the Houthis for threatening their regional supporters, to remove the curtain from the war To hamper efforts, which led to the birth of more than 16 million Yemenis suffering from food insecurity, parallel to the worsening shortage of clean drinking water, medicines and basic medical services, leading to the risk of the Corona epidemic, and the spread of other diseases and epidemics. Increases
During a seminar organized by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, experts asserted that there is no military solution to the conflict in Yemen, a strategy that Strategy has denied since its takeover in September 2014 by the capital Sanaa.
The Scope website quoted those attending the seminar as saying that the Houthi militia had turned the conflict in Yemen into a proxy war, for which the citizens there, 14 million of whom became, in light of the displacement of their millions In, immediate human intervention is required. Homes and worsening unemployment rates. After large-scale companies closed their doors and the capital moved out of the country, experts called for resorting to the arms of sanctions, forcing parties to take peaceful initiatives in Yemen to leave these intolerant positions. Can go It is known that the Houthi militias have avoided reacting to initiatives taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in late March, to stop fighting and to provide military support, with the aim of opening main ports and airports in several Yemeni regions. in orther to. Over 20 million residents.
The seminar participants highlighted the serious violations committed by the Houthis to international humanitarian law, whether it was blocking access to aid to the needy in Yemen, or launching indiscriminate attacks against civilians, particularly Marib. In the course of their current campaigns.
During the symposium, a plan was proposed to end the war in Yemen in three phases, beginning with reaching a permanent ceasefire and banning all those, temporary by the central and southern regions responsible by a central administration. Were occurring through formation. Conduct a general referendum, for defense and foreign policy, to determine whether the Yemenis are to remain under the umbrella of a unified state, as it has been after 1990, or before what was the case, for two. Separate states in the north and south to come back with existence.