The ICA puts the officer to work in front line processing arrival clearance, even though it cannot be vaccinated

    On Sunday (2 May), the Ministry of Health (MoH) stated that one of the community cases was linked to the first ICA officer who was infected with COVID-19 while working at Terminal 1 of Changi Airport.

    Identified as Case 62757, the man is an ICA officer posted to the Home Team Academy. He is in close contact with the ICA officer working at Terminal 1. When the 38-year-old ICA officer posted at Terminal 1 first tested the final positive (27 April), the Home Team Academy official was also placed in quarantine. same day. On Sat (1 May), he was tested positive for COVID-19 at the quarantine facility.

    In addition, seven members of the 38-year-old officer’s family have already been confirmed to have contracted COVID-19. They are most likely to be infected during a family gathering. they include:

    1. Officer’s wife, 32, nurse working at Tan Talk Seng Hospital (TTSH)
    2. Officer’s father, 72
    3. Officer’s nephew, 3
    4. Family members, 39, a private hire driver and security officer at Ion Orchard Mall
    5. Family member 38, a technical officer in SP PowerGrid
    6. Family member, 65, who works as a telephone operator at the Goodwood Park Hotel
    7. Family members, 33, housewife

    The 38-year-old ICA officer works as a deputy team leader at Changi Airport Terminal 1. They were posted at the duty officer counter and the process of arrival clearance for passengers at Terminal 1 was initiated. The ICA said that she had previously registered for vaccination, but a doctor advised her not to be eligible due to drug allergies.

    The ICA said that the common and employee areas that came in contact with the officer have already been completely dismembered. Areas include immigration counters, immigration offices, pantries and toilets.

    Last Fri (30 April), the Director of Medical Services, Kenneth Maak, assured the public that so far, there is no “clear link” between the ICA officer’s wife, a nurse working at TTSH, and an existing large cluster. Hospital there

    In any case, it is not known whether the ICA put the 38-year-old officer at risk of working in front line processing arrival clearance for passengers because they have not been vaccinated. It is known that many travelers coming from abroad can be COVID-19 positive, even their pre-departure tests have shown that they are negative. Some pre-departure test results may also be fake.

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