The corona vaccine is capable of all strains

    The results of a study by scientists at Imperial College London stated that the Pfizer-Bionic vaccine is capable of providing adequate protection from mutated strains of the new Corona virus, as it induces strong immunity.

    He said the researchers studied the effect of a single dose of the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine against various types of viruses, and found that it offers great protection.

    Although immunity from a single dose was weak, those who had never contracted Kovid-19, who had recovered from the infection, saw their immune levels rise to a very high level, up to the point that they were completely Can be considered immune from.

    The study comes amid fears that Brazilian, South African, Indian and British strains will be able to reduce the effects of the vaccine, leading to worldwide epidemics.

    But scientists are now confident that a dose-induced immune response from the Pfizer-Bionic vaccine is so strong that it can fight infection with any mutated strain.

    Professor Rosemary Boynton, supervisor of the study team, said that people who have recovered from Kovid-19 and received a single dose of the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine develop very strong immunity to the virus. But the study emphasized the need to receive a second dose for those who were not exposed to Kovid-19.


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