The BBC writer threw a deep light on ‘the best place to live during Kovid …’.

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    Singapore- Last week, Singapore topped New Zealand at number one Bloomberg Kovid Flexibility Ranking, Achieving the title of “best place to stay during Kovid”.

    However, despite Singapore’s success in managing the epidemic, including its efficient vaccine rollout, a May 1 BBC article discussed the “deep incompatibility” that exists for many as well as “near-normal” everyday life .

    BBC writer Tessa Wong explains that she has the freedom to see her family at any time, go to dinner with friends, and wants to do a lot more, including cinema – provided she uses a mask and a mask Do you do Contact the Tracing App and practice safe distancing.

    But like others, Ms Wong underscored that this is not for everyone in Singapore, particularly “hundreds of thousands of migrant workers who are still mostly confined to their workplaces and dormitories”.

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    For them, movement is much more restrictive, and even the freedom given to them — such as socializing in specific recreation centers — requires permission from the firms they work for.

    Such restrictions are perhaps understandable, given that cramps were discovered in more than 90 percent of the nation’s cases, and at times, unhygienic dormitories, and that there remains a risk of infection among migrant workers .

    However, activists are still calling for a separation between them and the larger population.

    The BBC quoted migrant rights activist Jolovan Dham as saying, “Because migrant workers lack political power, it somehow becomes socially acceptable that they bear the brunt of our policy failures.”

    “New Zealand may also top the Kovid Resilience list, but it did not trample on people’s rights.” It is not just about the outcome, but also the means of how to get there. “

    However, migrant workers are not the only ones who can be left in the “best place to live during Kovid”.

    The report also highlights the uncertainty of people from low-income homes, many of whom have lost jobs, cut wages or shifted to gig economy like food delivery riders.

    This lack of financial security takes a toll on the individuals in these homes, who are stressed due to the lack of safety nets.

    According to social worker Patricia V, this tension can take a toll with the whole family Family violence cases are on the rise.

    Even for those who do not face their own financial stress, life is not 100 percent stress-free. In land-scarce Singapore, where many people are used to freedom of travel, a type of cabin fever can make people feel as if they are safe in a sleeping cage, but unable to go anywhere else.

    And while these may be the least troublesome among the epidemic-stricken world, Ms. Wong writes that Singapore cannot be permanently cut off from the rest of the world due to the need to reopen for the sake of the economy.

    “Singapore will be our true test of Kovid resilience one day – and again in the rest of the world,” she said.

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