Syria: Two candidates contesting against al-Assad

    Damascus (Agencies)

    Yesterday, the Constitutional Court in Syria announced its approval of three applications for candidates for the presidential elections to be held this month, and those are President Bashar al-Assad, whose victory is considered a mistaken conclusion, and two figures who Are not widely known.
    And the president of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Jihad al-Lahm, announced in a press conference that the approval of the nomination of al-Assad, who is 55 years old, would begin a fourth presidential term, and former minister of state, from 2016 to 2020 , And former MPs Abdullah Salloum Abdullah, and Mahmud Mari, who are associated with internal protests.
    Fifty people, including seven women, applied for the election to be held on May 26, the fairness of which was questioned by many Western powers.
    The court said: “The remaining nomination applications were rejected due to lack of constitutional and legal requirements.” Those whose request was denied have the right to appeal before the Constitutional Court, which will decide on the appeal before the announcement of the final list of candidates on the tenth of this month.
    Each candidate must have the support of at least 35 of the 250 members of the People’s Assembly to apply.
    One of the conditions for running for election is that the candidate has lived in Syria continuously during the last ten years, closing the door to the possibility of any opposition running out of the country.
    Al-Assad, who has ruled Syria since 2000 after the death of his father, who ruled the country for 30 years, took over most of Syria after a ten-year civil war that left hundreds of thousands of Syrians Killed and caused displacement. More than half the population from their homes.
    In elections, in which Assad is seeking a fourth seven-year term, Damascus sees the normal functioning of the regime in spite of the war.
    Senior UN officials said this month: Calling to start political process to end election conflict, draft a new constitution and hold elections under United Nations supervision do not meet Security Council resolutions Transparency and accountability “with the highest standards”. “
    Assad has taken measures in recent months to curb popular discontent, which is furious over the deteriorating standard of living and the collapse of the value of the currency. Measures included increasing the wages of state workers, launching campaigns against currency speculators and bringing the official currency exchange rate closer to the price in the black market.
    Yesterday, al-Assad issued an apology for some of those who failed to recruit, criminals of bookies, smugglers and rapists, an apology that some hope has been arrested by authorities in recent months Some civilian terrorists will be released.
    Syria is witnessing an economic crisis left over from the war years, and due to Western sanctions, in addition to a rapid economic collapse in neighboring Lebanon, where many Syrians, including businessmen, are hoarding their wealth.

    3 killed in ammunition depot explosion in Idlib
    According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an ammunition explosion near a camp for the displaced in Idlib Governorate in northwestern Syria killed three people, including a woman, most likely to be an airstrike. An eyewitness present at the scene said that the entire building was destroyed by the explosion, leaving nothing to it and civilian security teams extinguished the fire at a nearby camp in the Al Faha region in the northeastern country of Idlib. Area of
    The director of the observatory, Rami Abdul-Rahman, said: “The explosion occurred in the warehouse of one of the extremist factions, in which shells and explosive devices are being manufactured.” According to the observatory, the explosion “killed two extremist fighters and a woman living near it, and 6 people from the camp were injured.” Abdul Rahman said that it was likely that the explosion was caused by an airstrike, but he was not able to determine who launched it. The Idlib regime periodically witnesses similar explosions as a result of occasional accidents, and sometimes as a result of airstrikes. Although a cease-fire has been in force in Idlib and its surrounding area for more than a year, Russian warplanes have periodically launched attacks against headquarters sites for al-Sham (formerly al-Nusra Front) and other extremists Done. And combat factions. American aircraft also sometimes target the targets of terrorists and their leaders, particularly those associated with “al Qaeda” organizations.


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