State Prosecutor’s Office clarifies penalties for smuggling fireworks

    The State Prosecutor’s Office called upon the honorable public to comply with the laws and deal with fireworks and not to treat anyone and to preserve the safety of all and to avoid legal accountability.

    The Public Prosecution Office made it clear – through a film material that it published through its social media accounts in this regard – that the legislature passed federal law numbers about weapons, ammunition, explosives, military equipment and dangerous materials. Set out in Article 1 of 17 of 2019. An explosive is a chemical compound or a mixture of various chemical compounds that interact with some of them when exposed to prefabricated factors as an active force in the production of pressure and heat, and at a certain speed that surrounds the area Affect or harm. Including fireworks.

    Article 3 of the decree-law states that obtaining, possessing, receiving or carrying explosives, importing, exporting them, re-exporting them, transferring them, trading them temporarily, trading in them, Construction, repair, transfer are not allowed. Or their disposal in any form after obtaining a license or permit from the licensing authority or the concerned authority in accordance with the provisions of this decree law.

    Article 54 carries a punishment of imprisonment for a term of not less than one year and a fine of not less than one thousand dirhams or one or two or two, who fireworks, imports, exports, manufactures or brings without license. Them in and out of state.

    The publication of this information falls within the campaign to raise the legal culture and the level of public awareness of law among members of the public prosecution society, with the aim of spreading the culture of law as life.


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