SG teen threatens football star and family to death online

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    SINGAPORE – A 19-year-old Singaporean was charged with threatening to kill an English Premier League player on Monday (May 3).

    Derek Ng de Ren also allegedly threatened the family of French-Argentine footballer Neil Maupe.

    The court considered the teenager guilty on all charges against him, a court hearing.

    Mr Moope, 24, is a forward for Premier League clubs Brighton & Hove Albion.

    Ng is said to have sent threatening messages online to the football star in June and July last year. This occurred after a Premier League match on June 20, 2020, where Mr. Moop√©’s football team defeated rival Arsenal.

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    In the game, Mr Mooppe, who won the winning goal, dealt with Arsenal goalkeeper Bernad Leno. Mr. Leno had to leave the game due to a serious knee injury from Misko.

    Mr. Moope then publicly apologized to Mr. Leno, stating that he was never meant to hurt him, and he wished to get well soon.

    IG Skangrab: Neil Maupe

    However, the footballer received online threats shortly after on four occasions, via a direct message to his Instagram account.

    The Premier League alerted the Singapore Police Force that there was “serious online abuse” towards Mr Maupe behind the threats to live in Singapore, The Straits Times (ST) reported.

    ST said in a message: “Do you think you will get away to injure Leno?” No way in hell (sic) … but don’t worry you’ll be safe, you won’t be hurt.

    “When you go through agony to your loved ones, you have more fun feeling the pain.”

    On June 26, Ng allegedly sent the football player another DM, stating: “Your family will be attacked later, just stay tuned.”

    Ng also allegedly sent a serious threat on 1 July.

    “You think you are safe by reporting my account? I will kill you and your family.”

    According to the chargesheet, Ng used “threatening words intended to create a crisis”. He now faces four charges under the Singapore Protection from Harassment Act.

    The juvenile will return to court on May 31. Ng will face six months in jail and a fine of $ 5,000 for each count of harassment ./TISG

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