Russian catering Mogul Evgeni Prizhozin wins one other defamation go well with towards Habov Sobol – Meduza

    A district courtroom in Moscow has ordered opposition persona Hubov Sobol to pay 500,000 rubles ($ 6,480) for compensation for ethical damages, passable (at the very least partially) but filed towards him by the Kremlin-associated catering mogul One other defamation lawsuit.

    In keeping with MBX Media, The lawsuit was filed on a publish Sobol wrote In October 2020 on Twitter. Sharing an article about Prigozhin submitting a separate defamation lawsuit towards himself and opposition politician Alexey Navalny, Sobol wrote, “Once you steal billions [state] Funds, however need to snatch some more cash? “

    In his lawsuit, Prigozhin demanded 5 million rubles (about $ 64,780) in compensation from Sobol. Along with granting partial compensation, the courtroom discovered the publish derogatory and ordered Sobol to take away it.

    In latest months, Evgeny Prizozin has filed a number of lawsuits towards Kongov Sobol, in addition to jailed opposition politician Alexei Navalny. On 5 March, a courtroom in Moscow ordered Navalny to compensate Prigozhin 500,000 rubles in one other defamation go well with (Oligarch was in search of 5 million rubles on this case, in addition to damages).


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