Rockets attack Iraqi base housing US troops and other coalition forces – Iraqi military – RT World News

    The Iraqi military said on Tuesday that at least two rockets landed at Ain al-Assad Airport in western Iraq, which hosts the US and other international forces.

    There were no casualties in the attack, the military added, without revealing any other details of the incident.

    No armed group operating in the country has so far claimed responsibility for the strike on Aadhaar.

    The Ain al-Assad base has often been targeted by rockets since the assassination of top Iranian military commander Qasim Solimani in a US drone strike outside Baghdad Airport in January 2020.

    Rocket attacks have failed to cause significant damage; However, in March an American civilian contractor died in the base after suffering as described by the Pentagon “Cardiac episode” While sheltered from incoming missiles.

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    Washington has blamed attacks on Shia militias, insisting it is linked to Iran. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin previously said that the US would respond to those attacks “At the time and place of our own choosing.”

    Some 2,500 American soldiers still remain in Iraq despite the country’s parliament calling for its withdrawal. US President Joe Biden promised a decade ago, while he was still Vice President of Barack Obama, that US troops would soon leave Iraq.

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    Washington and Baghdad agreed during negotiations last month that US combat forces in Iraq could be remade into the country in new roles as instructors and advisors for the local military. The Pentagon later clarified that the deal had nothing to do with the further withdrawal of US forces.

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