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    • Libby is a free app that allows you to collect ebooks and audiobooks from your local library.
    • You can stream and download books for offline reading or listening on Kindle.
    • Some libraries have even given you the facility to get a library card through Libby, making it easy to sign up.

    Like many people, I spent a lot of the last year reading and listening to audiobooks (and, yes, masterclasses as my own actual podcasts). Especially with audiobooks, I feel like I’m getting away from something I like to do (like lying in the park or riding a long bike) More activities. is To (folding laundry, doing dishes) in infinitely more enjoyable versions of themselves. Also, I still feel like I’m growing up – and avoiding the daily grind – without having to sit down or need as much attention.

    Recently, I’ve been using Libby, a free app that lets you pick up ebooks and audiobooks from your local library to plan to read my next 10 books. If you are an avid reader, it can help you save some extra money for a holiday or other worthwhile investment.

    Borrow and read e-books and audiobooks for free from your local public library.

    For example, the last time I bought books, I spent $ 50 on three paperbacks. I still buy books from local bookstores, but Libby has deprived me of storage space and money titles. I am saving a good amount of money by just borrowing library books on my phone, and reading the app subscription I paid has barely changed the experience.

    Read on to learn more about the Libby app, including my personal review and some answers to frequently asked questions.

    What is Libby?

    Libby Is a free app that allows you to connect to your local library and pick up eBooks and audiobooks for free. All you need is a library card, which you can potentially sign up to in the app, depending on the library.

    How do you use Libby?

    Just download the app on your phone, Kindle, or any other digital device. Follow the prompts or apply through Libby to enter your library card information.

    Once you sign everyone up, you’ll be able to Search for titles in your local library, keep them in place, or hop on the waiting list.

    Libby App and Factfulness Audio Book

    Right: After you download it, Libby will guide you through signing in with a library card or signing up for one. Left: You will be able to find and find titles in your local library. You can borrow an audiobook or ebook for 21 days.


    What books are on Libby?

    You get recent releases that topped the NYT bestseller list such as “The Four Winds” Kristin Hannah and other cult favorites such as “Atomic Habits.” And, of course, there are a lot of classics.

    How does Libby compare to other reading apps?

    Pros: I have found that the selection of Libby’s book is superb in both quality and quantity. You can also do most of the things that other apps offer, such as reading offline, changing playback speed, adding bookmarks, applying sleep timers and syncing with other devices so that you do not harm yourself – All for completely free.

    I also liked that you can make up to 10 book reservations at a time. It very much guarantees that you will always be ready to read.

    Finally, Libby lets you borrow books for 21 days and even requests extensions if you run out of time.

    Opposition: If you are someone who loves new releases, Waiting for highly popular books can be a few weeks.

    To get your hands on the latest Kristin Hannah book ASAP, you can get e-books and audiobooks through Audible and Scribd for less money than hard copy. ()Of the paid options, I recommend first thanking Scribd for its breadth of options and affordability) Belongs to. The main difference is that neither option requires you to hold books. And while Scribd is a paid subscription, you will always own your audio titles after purchasing them.

    libby app audiobook

    Right: You are able to create bookmarks, set a sleep timer, adjust the speed, and skip back and forth using the app. Left: The list feels like any other bookstore or app – with great quality and quantity of titles.


    “The Vanishing Half” was one of the best books we’ve read this year.

    How do you get a library card through Libby?

    Libby works with public libraries using Overdrive, which allegedly accounts for 90% of all public libraries. (You can search your library by zip code to include it). With the help of some libraries you can get a library card directly through the Libby app – my Brooklyn library, for example, – but some have different requirements. Either way, it should be simple. It took me two minutes to sign up for my library card through the app.


    Libby is a lifehawk. Even if you use it elsewhere to supplement your reading, This is one of the best services that I have stumbled upon in recent years. The application is free and easy to use with a comprehensive and high-quality book selection. If you are looking for a cheap way to read any ebook or audiobook – and a particularly inexpensive way to read Many – This application is perfect for any book lover.

    Borrow and read e-books and audiobooks for free from your local public library.

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