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    Legal experts and experts in the field of traffic safety and the law demanded that the use of electric bicycles on the country’s roads be tightly controlled, increasing the tension that they randomly pose a threat to their owners and safety. For road users.

    He said that the widespread use of electric bicycles during recent times in the event of breaking the red signal or not complying with traffic and traffic laws, and the legal liability incurred by their owners due to collision accidents with pedestrians, vehicles Raises questions about. Or compensation mechanisms for personal and public property, and material and physical damage., Proposing to register them under a special system, and imposing compulsory insurance on the owners of these bicycles against accidents.

    While it was not possible to get feedback from the authorities concerned about this proposal, an insurance specialist for the health insurance technology and the company’s managing partner, Dr. Hezam al-Maddy stressed that it is important to reconsider dealing with electric bicycles in light of their increased risk. In recent times its use on roads has increased considerably, as it has become an easier, economical, faster and cheaper means of transportation than vehicle prices.

    Al-Maddy pointed out that in light of these figures, the existence of accident insurance has become a major requirement for these bicycles, especially when they can cause an accident with road users such as pedestrians or vehicles, or shops. Can bump into the front or harm the public. Apart from the importance of this insurance in covering property, expenses. Medical treatment, in the event that the accident injures persons, whether cyclists or pedestrians.

    It was suggested that the insurance should be comprehensive for bicycle owners in the event of a bike loss or the bike owner suffering any damage, or against a third party in the event of a pedestrian collision with the injured To cover the cost of curing, as well as the cost of material damage to others.

    I believe that insurance is more effective and appropriate for users of this category, to ensure their safety, as the insurance policy will cover any expenses or compensation in the event of an accident, and coverage of bicycle, motor breakdowns Cost may be included. , Partial or total disability, treatment, and others.

    For his part, lawyer Ali Musahab said that he would have clearly seen the tendency of the Amirite society to maintain its health and to break the daily routine, especially since this activity grew in the light of the Corona epidemic, and Everybody Needs to Exercise Most athletes want cycling because of lifestyle changes, and practice this hobby.

    He said that keeping control of the drivers of these bicycles or electric bicycles and following the instructions given by the competent authorities, including biking in designated lanes for this, does not involve cycling. Roads with speeds in excess of 60 kilometers per hour, and no bike riding. At designated places for walking or running, biking safely, and not doing work that threatens its owner or others, and safety and security, besides installing red background lights and front lights, a helmet for drivers’ visibility and a One should wear measures like phosphorescent jacket.

    Musab suggested a penalty in the event that cyclists and electric cyclists fail to follow these instructions, starting at 200 to 500 dirhams, and also allowing the bike to be seized.

    He points out that police officers do not tolerate these violations, especially at the practical level, and control them, indicating that the accident may result from driving quickly and carelessly, and that it would cause others in the event of an accident Damage may occur. Between a cyclist and a pedestrian, and of course the accident would be rather simple. But in the event that damage has occurred as a result of the accident, the responsible person will have to pay back, and be compensated for the damage from these bicycles onwards. Do not register or place numbers on them, and therefore the victim has the right to file a civil lawsuit to prove the act and damages, and the causal relationship, to prove his right to recover damages.

    AloeBaha advised all cyclists, whether they are athletes or for their personal use, to follow safety and security measures, to preserve their lives and the lives of others, and not to be careless on the roads , To observe them, adhering to special clothing. .

    For his part, traffic expert and executive director of the “Sad Association”, Jamal al-Amri, said that the use of electric and bicycle riders required a deep awareness campaign on all groups of society of different nationalities, personal economic factors. Keeping in view, as it is used for the movement of people, due to their inability or ability to purchase vehicles, or to provide transportation for them, which calls for the acquisition of this method by various segments, Because it does not require much muscle effort, as well as ease of attaining it.

    Al-Amiri believed that when awareness is on behalf of official and semi-official bodies, that is, schools for teaching vehicles and riding bikes, there will be satisfactory results, e.g. appearing at the beginning of the use of ” Having negative “scooters” in the past, and societies were educated about them.

    He called on bicycle owners to educate drivers about safety procedures, conditions for safe driving and taking designated lanes for them, not driving against the direction of the road and not being surprised by leaving the road entrances.

    Safe use standard

    A workshop organized by the Traffic and Patrol Directorate of the Abu Dhabi Police recommended the preparation of a comprehensive plan to design a dedicated bike path to connect tourist areas in major cities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

    The workshop, which was held earlier this year, with the participation of 22 speakers from nine government agencies, was asked to stop the use of different types of bicycles at places that are not equipped and ready for their use , Strengthen traffic control procedures, and support the use of different types of bicycles to increase the efficiency of public transport and the integration and multiplicity of transportation.

    To develop and adopt safe use standards (equipment, helmets), safe distances between cars and bicycles, and the need to be insured with operators of bicycles, electric bicycles and “scooters” to cover the cost of traffic accidents. Recommendations recommended.

    It called for the development of guidelines for the safe use of all types of bicycles.

    • Popularity of bicycle as an easy, economical and fast way.

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