North Korean guards fired indiscriminately on China… deaths in border area (1/3 page)

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    North Korean guards opened indiscriminate fire on Chinese … Deaths continue in border areas
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    In August last year, the Ministry of Social Security (National Police Agency) of North Korea announced that it would unconditionally shoot those who go to border areas and buffer zones without permission. It is based on the instructions of Secretary-General Kim Jong Un, who is keen to curb the influx of new coronoviruses in the country.

    Not only those who approached the border for the purpose of convicts and smuggling, but also those who approached without knowing it were brutally shot and murdered.

    (Reference article: North Korean soldiers continued shooting until the magazine was empty … the tragedy of “some lovers” who were shot)

    Due to the response of North Korean authorities, which may be called “Corona Paranoia”, even the Chinese people have been sacrificed.

    According to the source of the daily NK for North Korea, the incident occurred at the end of last month. A Chinese soldier who tried to enter North Korea across the Yalu River, which runs through the border from the midpoint between ShiDerogo Village and Shisanda Ditch Village in Changbai Korean Autonomous Province in Jilin Province, China. . He was shot by guards.

     (Reference article: “Stunning, incontinence continues” Kim Jong-un, a vivid scene of the massacre of military personnel)

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