“Niran” blows “Open Radio” cup at Sons of Tribes Competition

    Muhammad Syed Ahmed and Abdullah Amer (Abu Dhabi)

    His Majesty Sheikh Sultan bin Hamdan bin Muhammad Al Nahyan, His Majesty’s Advisor, State President and President of the Camel Racing Federation, yesterday witnessed the sixth day of the Al Watba Competition competitions for the youngsters of The Tribes of the Tribes, which continued al. Within the southern camel sq. at Wataba. His Majesty participated in competitions organized for a distance of greater than 10 kilometers to six kilometers on the second day of the broadcasting period, with the participation of numerous boats from hybrids of assorted tribes from totally different emirates of the state, the place the competitions gained first locations Entered a fierce battle between the 2 races, particularly within the allotted first 4 rounds. The organizing committee of the competition has allotted 4 symbols for the age of broadcast. Niranjan, owned by Hamid Rashid Sultan bin Aqsha al-Mansuri, topped the primary symbols of the broadcasting age, because it adopted the primary broadcast cup within the open spherical, the primary spherical which was held within the night. Snatching first place after operating half distance in 9.0.01 minutes, and his teammates regained full management through the race. Shaheen offered his boss Hamad Saeed bin Muhanna Al-Mahrami because the second important lead and Al-Jadan’s open rifle, after “Shaheen” completed the half in a time of 8.55.06 minutes, one of the best throughout broadcast-age competitions Time gained. Within the final two days. Within the third main spherical, to recapture the third emblems of the published on the “Bint Dhaben” competition, and to dedicate the slogan of Faraj Ali bin Hamouda Al Dhahari, probably the most well-known and strongest camels, to the native First. Managed to win the cup. Namo in nation and area, title after crossing half distance in 9.0.7 minutes. Al-Ramuz was topped within the ultimate spherical of Al-Ramuz with al-Jadan Rifle al-Mahalia and its proprietor Miftah Ali bin Muhammad al-Numi gave al-Namus a time of 9.01.01 minutes. The primary-place winner within the first 4 rounds received tokens along with half one million dirhams on the Al-Abkar Open and Al-Mahalia levels, whereas the winner acquired 400 million dirhams within the Al-Jadan spherical. The remaining ten rounds in broadcasting competitions resulted within the victory of “Al-Andalus” by Muhammad Ahmad bin Dalmouk, with a time of 9.04.5 minutes for fifth and first place, whereas Drs. Rashid Hammal received the title. Within the sixth stage, al-Zafna al-Afari, Drs. Recording time of “Salamalek”, 9.01.05 Correct by Rashid Hamad. Within the seventh season, Mufti was first seen by Muhammad Yussef Ghanm al-Ahli chopping the gap midway in 9.06.07 minutes, whereas “Chidid” Largash flew with Al-Amiri al-Amiri within the eighth season with a time of 9.05. .05 minutes, and the ninth season noticed the victory of “Hamlaula” by Rashid Abdullah al-Ketabi, and Drs. “Salma” by Rashid Hamad topped Al-Zafnah al-Afari with the tenth and ultimate spherical of laws.


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