Netizens returned PAP’s Victor Lai after Labor Day, calling the PAP a ‘true political leader’.

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    SINGAPORE – Central executive member of the Netizens People’s Action Party is creating a furore over Victor Lie’s Labor Day Facebook post, which has named the party “true political leaders”.

    happy May Day! Not a picture of a vaccination center, but from 2020 when the government launched self-employed income…

    Posted by victor lai thiam phet on saturday, may be 1 2021

    In his Labor Day Facebook post on Saturday (May 1), Mr. Lai shared about the Self-Employed Income Relief Scheme (SIRC). She wrote:

    “On this May Day, I am encouraged that the NTUC gig will go out for the welfare of workers and broaden the progressive pay model for low-income workers. As an economist, this is Singapore’s minimum wage in action. Yes, Singapore has a minimum wage. Unlike politicians who defer to “minimum wage”, such as “one size is all” out of a textbook with no real intent or understanding for implementation, true political leaders have turned to NTUC and employers. With thought and developed through progressive pay model. Singapore will be done when politicians speak of a fan base rather than dealing with reality and business. “

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    Netizens are saddened by the way in which the terms of his post, especially the phrase “true political leaders” are concerned. Opposition leaders seem to be rejected for this.

    Photo: Reddit / R / Singapore

    Since he wrote about economics, some netizens are comparing him to opposition man Jamus Lim, who not only studies economics like him, but also subjects. Mr Lim, one of the four Workers’ Party MPs for Sengkang GRC, “graduated from Harvard University, University of California, London School of Economics and University of Southern Queensland, where he pursued postdoctoral, doctoral, masters and, respectively, according to his LinkedIn page Honors Mr. Lai earned a Bachelor of Economics degree with first-class honors from the University of Adelaide, The Straits Times reported.

    Photo: Reddit Skangrab / R / Singapore

    Mr. Lai is the PAP representative for Bedok reservoir – Punggol Department of Aljaneed GRC. However, PAP has not gained a majority in Alzide since they lost in 2011. The Aljunied GRC is currently represented by opposition Workers Party members Pritam Singh, Gerald Giam, Leon Pereira, Sylvia Lim and Muhammad Faisal.

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