Mona Mubarak: My sons are the crown of my head and the last “Innovation Ambassador” of the cluster

    Nisreen Druze (Abu Dhabi)

    Establishing a family based on good education and yearning for academic success and distinction in various fields was not easy for Mona Dinar Mubarak, who insisted that her seven children love science and live up to their ambitions and Be raised to choose the majestic one to suit his abilities. The journey began with his eldest daughter, Manal, who is considered the first Emirati expert in listening and balancing from universities in Scotland, and with his brothers who shine in engineering, law and business administration. And the last cluster continues its message proudly with Mira, who won the title of “Innovation Ambassador” and “Safety Ambassador” at the age of 16, a bunch of awards and certificates for her excellence in robotics and story writing .
    Mona, who is proud of her children’s admiration, spoke to Al Etihad, saying that the evidence to challenge them and raise them to achieve dreams provides a conducive environment to focus on studies and not pressure them But to encourage them to raise the roof of their ambition and ensure that nothing is impossible in life. And what helped him to achieve his vision was the perfect picture he took of his father during his days working with the British, and he returned to tell him and his brothers that knowledge was the key to life is. It is she who, in turn, tells her children, who wear them crowns on their heads, as they worked to build their confidence and take them to the next one to make the right decision.

    Chapter of success
    Mona recounts the chapters of her sons’ successes, noting that the journey began when her daughter Manal traveled to Australia to specialize in the field of listening and balance as the first prayer in the region. decided.
    He said: Although close people had not previously welcomed the idea, his father and I supported him until he finished his university studies for 4 years, after which he spent another 3 years Traveled to Scotland to obtain a master’s, and today she works at the Dubai Hospital in Al Hamariya.
    The elder sister’s experience inspired her brothers, who followed the same line of excellence as assistants in aerospace engineering, Mubarak in computer science, Maryam in law, Marwa in business administration, Mai in chemical engineering, And the multi-talented Meera with a bunch of awards, meaning you are still in the eleventh grade.

    Activity torch
    Mona continued her speech by standing with her youngest daughter Meera, describing him as a torch of her interest in scientific fields and interest in various cultural activities, in which she always accompanied awards, medals and certificates of appreciation Graduated, including Hamad bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Award for prestigious academic performance for three sessions, Sheikh Drs. Sultan Bin Mohammad Award for Al Qasimi for Youth Energy, and Sheikha Latifa Bint Mohammed Award for Childhood Creativity. She admits that Meera’s drive reverts to more than one talent compared to her brothers, who are open to their generation for modern science and technology, in addition to the fact that she grew up in a foster family That all his members stood with advice and guidance increased his skills.

    ‘Innovation Ambassador’
    Since she was in the fourth grade, Meera participated in events at the Hamdan bin Rashid Center for Giftedness and Innovation, and among the robotics team, she finished first in the First Lego League competition for 2019, after competing more in the world. More than 100 teams from different countries, where he traveled in Texas and represented the country in the US. Then, in the same year, I went to Ireland with the Ministry of Education as part of the “Our Ambassadors” program, where I got new experiences in the field with “innovation ambassadors” among the country’s distinguished students. Experience in robotics and programming in the hands of foreign experts specializing in advanced training workshops. Thereafter, she won the title of “Innovation Ambassador” from the Ministry of Education and “Security Ambassador” by Dubai Police.

    4 stories
    Student Meera Al Hammadi (16 years) spoke about herself: My main talent is Robort, but I pursue other hobbies such as drawing, reading, writing and cooking, for which, apart from my involvement, many of the distinctions Certificates have been received. In many training courses to improve my skills. She said that apart from entering scientific competitions and various competitions, most of which have been won, she has not forgotten her volunteer work. She is a member of the Sharjah Youth Shura Council, and participated in the second arts forum under the auspices of the Sharjah Girls Saga, and wrote 4 stories: The Agrosent Bee, My Bus, My Grandmother and White Wand.

    Accommodating parents
    The father, Suleiman Al Hammadi, believes that the success of his children did not result from a vacuum, but as a result of his urge to build his personality by relying on daily self-reliance and self-judgment, and then with confidence, knowledge and wisdom Refining your skills.
    He said: Raising girls is different from boys in terms of motivational ability, yet parents should embrace their children and have friends who are able to assimilate their aspirations and ideas, enabling them to live their lives. Help overcome the challenges of Security.

    The eldest daughter, Manal al-Hamadi, the first Imrati expert in hearing and balance, believes that she learned from her family how devotion to education and advice would be without restrictions. It is he who, in the future, will pass on to his children in the future, so that he will never stand in the way of his ambition as long as the result is in his interest.

    Fond of writing
    Regarding the hobby of reading, Meera Al Hammadi indicated that, since childhood, she had been keen to go to book fairs in the country to get the latest stories and meet authors, which led her to writing, which at the time Together he turns into an obsession. He read his readings by attending workshops, his affiliations with the school library, the Sharjah library, and obtaining a Majid magazine representative card where he participated in several competitions with his stories and was published in magazines. Developed.

    Meera Al Hammadi believes that she would not have been distinguished if she did not care and support her family. It has won several awards, the most important of which are:
    Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Distinguished Academic Performance, Sessions 17, 20 and 23.
    Sheikh Dr. Award for Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi Youth Award – 2020.
    Sharjah Award for Excellence in Education, Round 22 and 26.
    Sheikha Latifa won the Mohammad Award for Childhood Creativity 2017.


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