Mexico City rail overpass collapsed, 15 killed and 70 injured

    Officials said Mexico City: Fifteen people died and 70 people were injured when the Mexico City metro train cars partially collapsed.

    A dramatic video on local channel Millennio TV shows the overpass of the Metro’s 12 line falling from the top of cars on a road below.

    Videos on television and social media show emergency medical staff and firefighters searching for survivors of the wreck.

    Mexico City Metro overpass collapsed

    Rescuers work at a site where a metro overpass partially collided with train cars at Mexico City’s Olivos station on Monday, May 3, 2021. (Photo: Reuters / Luis Cortes)

    Mexico City Mayor Claudia Shinbaum said 15 people were killed and a car was trapped under the rubble.

    Shinbaum said on Twitter “Unfortunately there are dead and injured people. I am on the site supporting the establishment of the command center”.

    The city’s Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection Agency initially injured 13 and 70 people.

    The Metro’s 12 line was constructed when Mexico’s current foreign minister, Marcello Eberard, was mayor of Mexico City.

    “What happened with the metro today is a terrible tragedy. I have solidarity with the victims and their families,” Eberard said on Twitter.

    “Of course, the reasons must be investigated and the responsibilities defined. I repeat that I am at the disposal of the authorities to help with whatever is necessary.”


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