Lukaku: Benzema is the best striker in the world

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    Romelu Lukaku hopes to lead the Belgian national team to glory in the European Nations Cup until Euro 2020, what he achieved as a “killer mentality” after winning the Italian league title with his team Inter Milan Achieved it.

    Lukaku scored 21 goals his 27 “years” for this season with Inter and 10 goals for his teammates, who won the title on Sunday for the first time in 11 years.

    Lukaku won the second title of his career in 12 years after winning the Belgian League with Anderlech in the 2009 season and joining Inter Milan from Manchester United on 12 August. Won the first title in its history. Postponed European Championship in 2020.

    Lukaku told the “La Tribune” newspaper, “Winning a title with the club gives you experience that teaches you how to deal with matches, and you have that life-threatening mentality.” He said: This is something that I have not done in my career, I have given up many times before that, then I told myself that I am tired, now I am 27 years old, it is time for change, But it doesn’t work, stop it. And Lukaku continued: But at the moment I am happy that we are champions, but I am really focused on the Europeans because they are important to me.

    “I have been blessed by other Belgian players such as Thibaut Corto, Aiden Hazard, Axel Festel and Kevin de Bruyne to win the title,” he said. “It will be good for the team. It will give a good feeling and we will all be able to move forward,” he said. Lukaku scored 23% of his shots. Became the first player to score more than 20 goals in the Italian League and scored ten goals in a single season since the 2005/2004 season. The former United striker contributed to score and score 31 goals. The Italian league has more than any other player this season, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus’ striker, with 30 goals.

    Despite having one of his heaviest seasons in front of goal, Lukaku does not consider himself the world’s best striker. Lukaku said, “He is Karim Benzema without a doubt.”

    Real Madrid striker Benzema scored one goal every 121 minutes in the Spanish League this season, while Lukaku scored one goal every 127 minutes in the Italian League. The French striker scored 21 goals this season, in addition to 8 goals for his teammates.


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