Katiline Jenner released the first ad in California’s Gubnatorial campaign aimed at ‘elitist’ Pelosi & Newsom – RT USA News

    Olympic gold medalist Katilyn Jenner has released the first advertisement of her bid to become governor of California, pointing fingers at Nancy Pelosi and the inconsistent Gavin Newsome, and lambasting critics with the Donald Trump connection.

    In Jenner’s advertisement, released on Tuesday morning, the reality television star has revealed herself as A “Compassionate Interruption,” targeting a government that “is now involved in every part of our lives.”

    Both Pelosi and Newsom make videos with appearances in the ad, which show each of the breaking Kovid-19 rules in the state. House Speaker Pelosi is seen walking masked in a hair salon, while several businesses in the state were closed at the time – a clip that slammed him as a hypocrite by former President Donald Trump and others. Newsom is also seen in a photo during a dinner with a group of masked people who blend into homes and break the state’s Kovid-19 guidelines.

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    Last year, Jenner said, as footage from the plays of Pelosi and Newsom said, “Our career politicians have redefined the elite.”

    “I don’t care if you’re a Republican, a Democrat, I’m going to be the governor for all Californians. To bring the gold back to the Golden State, to reclaim our true identity,” Jenner later said after promising “Reopen” Schools and businesses are facing hurdles due to the epidemic ban.

    Jenner has already sparked controversy because of his conservative beliefs, supported Trump in the past and has been a lifelong Republican.

    The latest advertisement from the 71-year-old former athlete had received more pushback, as was the problem, pointing to her affair with former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale. Parscale is reportedly advising Jenner, and posted the advertisement on her Twitter account on Tuesday, confirming those reports.

    Others praised Jenner’s advertisement as a strong introduction to the race, with some praising her for refraining from her gender references – Jenner revealed herself to be transgender in 2015, Bruce to Katelyn Jenner Introduced a ‘transition’ to.

    Jenner’s video comes a week after the California Secretary of State’s office announced that a recall petition effort in California against Newsome had garnered enough signatures to qualify as a ballot.

    Republican San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulkner and former Rep. Doug Ose (R-California) are among others who have thrown their hats into the ring. Trump-supporting actor Randy Quaid has also shown interest in running for state governor.

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