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    In a public setback for coalition-building efforts in Israel, hidden camera recordings of a potential political partner accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of broadcasting “power-hungry dictators” on local television.

    Elate Shaked, a one-time Netanyahu employee who is now a senior cassette member of the Yamina Party but who is contemplating a return to the Premier’s Likud party, also said that PM was embroiled in his ongoing corruption trial happened.

    The recording, which was broadcast by Channel 12 on Monday, came as Netanyahu engaged in an attempt to finalize Netanyahu into a right-wing coalition with a ruling agreement – his Tuesday deadline for government formation Ahead of.

    “He wants to stay in power. He craves for power – he and his wife. They are like dictators, like dictators. They are not ready to move aside, “ He said, Sheikh, who made the remarks in a meeting on Monday, with a group of rabbits, one of whom recorded him according to the Mariv newspaper.

    He said, “The only thing they care about is their test.” He cares about nothing else at all. It’s true… all their thoughts, their behavior, their compromises – all revolve around their trials, “ He said that Netanyahu was also “crazy” And “Frightened” Ask for forgiveness and plea.

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    The midnight deadline looms as the Israeli government embraces Netanyahu running out of time to form

    “It is true that [Netanyahu] have to go. he has to go,” The couple, who indicated that Yamina was looking forward to a power-sharing deal, under which its leader Naftali Bennett would become prime minister for a year-and-a-half, followed by a two-and-a-half-year Netanyahu premiership.

    Despite gaining only seven seats in the March elections, Yamina has become a potential kingmaker. Bennett has said that if the PM has the votes, he will support the Netanyahu-led right-wing government, but will work towards a unity government with the Center and Left parties if they do not.

    In a video statement released on Monday through his Twitter account, Netanyahu said, “I said [Bennett] I am ready to accept his demand for a rotation deal in which he will serve as Prime Minister for a year. The members of the Yamina Party will enter the government and the Knesset with important roles. “

    However, Bennett said that he never asked to become PM and said that Netanyahu did not have the votes to form an alliance. Netanyahu reacted to this by stating that if Bennett together was good enough for a right-wing majority, other players would follow him.

    In the recording, Shaked allegedly claimed that Bennett, on the terms of Yemen, was trying to bring Netanyahu to the negotiating table and to block efforts to force a fifth general election in less than two years from a unity government Is seeking partners.

    “[Netanyahu] Understood the situation, Bennett has an alternative government, and as a result he was set to serve Bennett for the first time as premier for a year. He would have taken us to the second election, “ Said Sheikh, who expressed concern that the Center-Left alliance could be formed with the help of Arab parties in another round of elections.

    Netanyahu can also request a 14-day extension from President Ryuven Rivlin, who is reportedly in favor of handing over the government-forming mandate to other MPs. In contrast, Rivlin may send it to the Knesset for a period of three weeks, after which the fifth election should be called so that no consensus can be formed on the next ruler of the country.

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