Iraq: Rocket attack on Balad Air Base

    Hoda Jasim, Agencies (Baghdad)

    Iraqi security officials say at least three rockets landed at Iraqi Balad Air Base, which is located north of Baghdad and is hosting American contractors.
    Sources said three other rockets landed near the base. There were no reports of material or human harm.
    No one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet. Armed groups, which some Iraqi officials say are supported by Iran, have previously claimed responsibility for similar incidents.
    This came after a day of missile targeting at Baghdad Airport, where US forces are stationed, in an attack that is the second of its kind in ten days.
    A security official said a rocket landed near Baghdad Airport near the airport, where coalition forces are stationed against “ISIS” led by Washington.
    The official requesting alimony reported that the second missile was intercepted by the “C-Ram” defense system, the anti-air battery that the Americans deployed to protect their forces in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region of Iraq , Followed by dozens of missile strikes.
    Since US President Joe Biden took power in late January, some thirty attacks with explosive devices or missiles were instantaneously targeted by international coalition military convoys, US military bases, and the US embassy in Baghdad.
    The attacks resulted in the deaths of two foreign contractors, nine Iraqis, one contractor and eight civilians.
    Dozens of other missile strikes have targeted Americans in Iraq since the fall of 2019 under the administration of former President Donald Trump, and have also left dead and injured.
    In addition, the Iraqi Prime Minister called yesterday, Mustafa al-Qazimi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, to revive the intelligence role to counter “ISIS” gangs.
    Al-Kazemi emphasized during an extended security meeting of security services leaders to activate intelligence and security efforts, and to activate pre-emptive operations to counter the movements of terrorist “ISIS” gangs, Dry up their sources and destroy them. Incubators.
    During the meeting, he discussed developments in security programs that Iraq has seen during the last hours, and to counter violations of security plans.


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