India Kovid crisis: Brother and sister spend 10 days in the car-turning-Kovid ward for mother – News

    Both slept on front seats, while their Kovid-positive mother lay on her back with her oxygen cylinder in the trunk.

    A pair of siblings spent 10 days in a car they had turned into a Kovid ward after their mother – who needed dialysis.

    According to the Times of India, Payal Singh (25 and his brother Akash (23) traveled 240 kilometers from Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh to Lucknow on April 20 for dialysis of their 45-year-old mother Parul.

    The hospital where they were asking Parul to undergo RT-PCR test suspected that he might have Kovid as he had fever.

    Payal said, “We gave him samples for testing, but since he was a suspected Kovid-19 case, we had no choice but to spend the night in his car in the hospital parking lot and buy food from local couples.” . ” “They may get infected by going to a relative’s place or hotel.”

    When he tested positive for Kovid, the hospital refused to undergo dialysis for his mother. The siblings were able to find a private hospital that agreed to conduct the procedure but refused when Parul’s oxygen levels began to decline as they did not have oxygen-supported beds.

    The siblings stayed in Lucknow until 22 April, when they were able to get five small cans of oxygen for 1300 rupees (Dh 65) which lasted only a few minutes. Once his oxygen levels improved, the hospital underwent Parul’s dialysis, but the case of Kovid hospitalizing him remained incomplete.

    “To keep oxygen levels up, we rolled mom into a prone position on the back seat and spent another night in the car, as well as searching for an oxygen cylinder,” Payal said.

    “It was helped on 23 April when my father brought a cylinder from Lakhimpur to look after a fare. We put him on oxygen support in the car itself and sent him home to our father to protect him from infection. ”

    The oxygen cylinder bought only temporary relief as the siblings went in vain to spend another night in their car looking for an oxygen-backed bed.

    Although the siblings wore masks and gloves to protect themselves, Akash developed mild symptoms on April 22 and also tested positive for Kovid, Payal himself with only Rs 12,000 (DA 600) Took over The family used public toilets and cleaned the seats with hygiene spray at all times.

    “Finally, on April 24, my mother got a bed,” Payal said. “After his condition stabilized, he was discharged on April 30.”

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