Guardiola’s story with Manchester City

    Manchester United may have officially crowned the league title on Sunday after Manchester United lost to Liverpool, but the match was postponed due to United fans attacking the “Old Trafford” stadium, as the club’s owners In opposition to Haq, and City become closer to the “Premier League” title with superiority. Today, he will play in the second leg of the semi-finals of the European Championship with Paris Saint-Germain, thus reaching a successful season with Manchester City.
    When the Spanish coach signed a contract with Bayern Munich, I wondered what could get more than Jup Heinckes who won three tournaments, and at that time Bayern was the “triple” in European football history, the seventh team to win the European Champions League, league was. And the Cup, followed by Inter Milan 2010, Barcelona 2009, Manchester United 1999, Dutch Eindhoven in 1988, Ajax Amsterdam 1972 and Celtic Scotland in 1967.
    Of course, Bayern Munich have made a comeback and achieved an amazing sixth with the flick, which would leave the national team. Bayern Munich president Rummengge explained the club’s management’s reasons for hiring the Spanish coach? Rummenig said in an interview with the Daily Mail at the time: “We went to Guardiola in appreciation of his thinking and his ability to recharge the players’ morale. He is a different coach. He has led the team with many best actors. , But Guardiola is something else.
    Why did you choose Manchester City over Guardiola as well? -, this is the project, because the big clubs have a strategy and a project, and Guardiola’s influence on Bayern Munich was great, but the next stage was an important step in the Spanish coach’s training journey. He went to the strongest league, «The For the Premier League », he also went to the largest showroom, through which he could showcase his skills, ideas and philosophy in football. He went to a club with a strategy, ambition and great goals. Directed Manchester City, which produced an iconic team team full of talent and skill, and when you watch a Manchester match City you can enjoy the performance of the team and the team, but you get to see Pelé, Maradona, Messi, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo will not meet.
    I see the joy of the new ball in Manchester City’s collective performance, I see strength, speed, fitness, possession and control, high pressure on the front, blanks for the opponent, and defensive and offensive actions for each player.
    ** The management of the big team, which reads the economic reality of the ball well, is looking for a star coach who blows his team outside the boundaries of the country and region and builds global popularity, that’s Guardiola’s story Is Manchester City.


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