Frenchman accused of killing child for second murder

    CHAMBierRY, France: A former French soldier who admitted to killing an eight-year-old girl, a case that shook the country nearly four years ago, appeared in court on Monday (May 3), in which he beat up a man – beaten to death. A few months ago.

    Nordah Leylandais, 38, was brought from the prison to the city of Anganwadi in the Chamber in a town in the French Alps, where the victim, a soldier, was also seen after leaving a nightclub for the last time.

    In the early hours of 23 April 2017 he confessed to killing 23-year-old Corporal Arthur Noir.

    Llandais has also confessed to killing eight-year-old Maelys de Araujo in August 2017, in a case that horrified France and which is set to go to trial next year.

    He has insisted that both deaths were accidental, but his confession prompted the reopening of the investigation into dozens of other missing cases to see if he was involved with these unresolved cases.

    More than 100 journalists watched as they entered under a heavy police escort, wearing a face mask and with a dark cap draped over their eyes.

    “Yes, I killed Arthur Noir, but I never wanted to kill him,” Leylandais told the court, where Noor’s parents and brothers were seated with an oversized portrait of the victim.

    Llandais’s attorneys managed to elicit the return of one of several psychiatric evaluations, citing a possible bias by one of the experts discussing the case on a popular TV show.

    But the lawyer for the Noyer family, Bernard Baulod, said he was confident that the Juras would know enough about Leylandais’ personality, “because he would tell it to us on his own”.

    Body in trunk

    The lawsuit has been widely speculated, with the mass-market daily Le Parisien on its first page drawing Leylands under “The Secret of a Predator”.

    He told police that Noir had hit him in a parking lot where they had stopped, leading to a brawl and when Noir was out.

    But the prosecution says Landlas knew well that he was killing Noir, and then placed his body in the trunk of his car and took it 20 km away to throw it on the side of the road.

    They have accused him of voluntary manslaughter, which carries a maximum jail term of 30 years.

    Investigators only linked Llandais to Naylor’s death after he was arrested on Maelys’ murder, beginning on the morning of August 27, 2017, while attending a wedding near the Chamber with his parents.

    Police searched the girl, who was a guest at the wedding, before arresting Lelandis. He was eventually taken to her remains in February 2018 after his blood trail was found in his car.

    Two cases sparked fears that Landlace may be involved in dozens of other unsolved disappearances in the region, and several cases reopened after investigators reviewed their backgrounds and movements over the years.

    However, despite three years of questioning, and psychiatry examinations have revealed signs of Landlas’ “pathological lies”, no evidence has been found to link Lilandais to other cases.

    The trial on Noyer’s murder is set to run until May 12. Molly’s death is expected to go to trial next year.


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