Football: Lawyer pleads for ‘trial by media’ in Maradona case

    BUENOS AIRES: A defense lawyer involved in the case of Argentina football star Maradona’s death last year called a “trial by the media” on Monday (May 3) after a report was leaked last week And there was carelessness. “Behavior by footballer’s medical team.

    Maradona, the venerable former Boca Juniors and Napoli star, who had struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for many years, died of heart failure last month following brain surgery.

    Reportedly, a medical board formally appointed to investigate his death concluded that several members of his medical team acted in an “inappropriate, deficient and careless” manner, and noted that he was properly monitored before dying. Was not done.

    That report, shared with Reuters and other media outlets last week, was presented to prosecutors in Buenos Aires on Monday.

    No charges have yet been made in the case and Maradona’s psychiatrist’s lawyer said selective leaks were undermining the legal process.

    “The evidence that was leaked, as well as the audios and witness testimony found, including the audited audios and chats involving less than half of the defendants, isn’t it striking?” Vadim Manthanchuk told reporters.

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    “It seems that the intention is to produce a trial by the media, a trial before the delivery of justice, and that is not good at all.”

    Maradona’s four sisters also condemned the media leaks.

    Kitty, Ana, Lily and Callie Maradona wrote, “We want to express our outrage once again for our brother’s privacy being violated.”

    “In light of this we ask everyone: Who benefits from these leaks? Diego did so much for Argentina in his life and all we ask today is to honor his memory.”

    Maradona’s death shook the South American nation, indicating a period of mourning and angry finger-pointing to whom to blame.

    Maradona’s son Daigugito’s lawyer said the report showed “criminal conduct” in the case, saying he would push for full accountability.

    Maradona’s sisters agreed, saying, “We ask that those responsible face maximum punishment (because) our beloved Diego did not deserve to die like this.”


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