Five killed, including deposed NLD MLA in Myanmar bomb attacks: Media

    Five people were killed in the local Boga area, including a parcel bomb that killed five people, including five in the central Bogo region. Under the leadership of Aung San Suu Kyi.

    According to online media “Myanmar Now”, a total of three explosions occurred on Monday afternoon. Three police officers who joined the civil disobedience movement in protest against the February military coup were among those killed.

    On February 28, 2021, protesters against the military coup in Yangon, Myanmar were targeted by riot police towards rioters during a violent coup. (NurPhoto / Getty / Kyodo)

    MPs and police officers were staying in villages in the Bago region to avoid violent action on protests by the armed forces.

    According to media reports, a villager who took in the officers was also killed and another police officer was seriously injured.

    Saturday has been marked since February 1st. February 1 The military coup that ousted the elected government led by Suu Kyi. Those calling for democracy have continued their protest against the coup in various forms, including a so-called civil disobedience movement in which work has been boycotted.

    The crackdown caused by the authorities strengthened and the willingness to use deadly force, large-scale demonstrations, in which millions of people took part, significantly disappeared, virtually disappearing.

    According to the Support Group for Political Prisoners, a rights group monitoring the situation in Myanmar, as of Monday, 766 people have died and 3,614 people have been arrested, charged or sentenced.

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