Europe is preparing to receive tourists this summer, but with conditions

    The European Commission plans to reopen European Union countries to tourists from countries with the Kovid-19 virus infection, and those who have received the Corona vaccine.
    With increasing vaccination rates in EU member states, UNHCR officials said it was time to relax regulations regarding non-essential travel.

    According to the British newspaper “The Guardian”, after receiving an agreement from member states this month, commission officials said the EU’s borders would be reopened in early June.

    It is still not known whether tourists visiting the Union countries have a health condition, such as quarantine or Kovid-19 examination.

    European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen tweeted, “The time has come to revive the tourism industry and cross-border friendliness in security. We suggest visitors from once again and countries with good health status Be welcome. We act quickly. We propose a mechanism to end the state of emergency of the European Union. “

    Under the proposals of the European Commission, Member States would allow those traveling to the European Union to receive a final dose of the authorized vaccine at least 14 days before arriving at their destination, noting that Russia and China Vaccines made in Europe have not yet been approved by the European Medical Agency.

    Children will also travel with their parents in the event that they undergo a negative nasal check, provided that the time period of the examination does not exceed 72 hours upon their arrival in the countries of the Union.

    Even those who have not been fully vaccinated will be allowed to enter the European Union if they come from countries with “good epidemic conditions”, such as Australia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

    In the event that the epidemic situation of a country outside the European Union worsens or a new mutant appears, member states will be able to immediately suspend all travel trips for non-EU citizens residing in such country.


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