Debate on amendment in constitution day

    On Monday, the anniversary of the Constitution of Japan, 74 years ago, is going into effect. To mark the occasion, some people across the country are calling for an amendment to the constitution – while others favor keeping it in its current form.

    A group live-streamed an online forum, seeking to amend it. Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide gave a video message.

    Suga said, “More than 70 years have passed since the current constitution came into force. Amendments should be made with parts that do not match the time, or in which something is not necessary. Deliberations to amend the constitution As a first step forward, we aim to pass an amended law on national referendum. “

    The Liberal Democratic Party is preparing a draft amendment consisting of 4 points. These include formally recognizing the existence of self-defense forces.

    Suga said that both the ruling and opposition parties should have a constructive discussion to deepen the understanding of the public.

    Meanwhile, a group of citizens who want to keep the constitution, as it is also an online forum.

    The leader of the opposition Constitutional Democratic Party gave a video message.

    Adano Yukio said that people should think about the importance of Article 25 on Constitutional Day. It determines that all people have the right to minimum standards of living a cultured and fulfilled life.

    Adano said that this right is underpinned by the epidemic.

    He said, “The government has to work to promote and enhance social welfare and public health. But the politics of Japan today has failed to fulfill this obligation. I am determined that restoring the politics built on Article 25 is my There should be a prominent role among the party. ” Coronovirus crisis. “

    Discussions are underway in the lower house commission of the Diet in the constitution about amending the law on national referendums.

    – NHK

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