Campaigners claim that transgender women athletes will be ‘wiped out’ due to sports ban

    A transgender jurist who claimed a conservative bill to keep trans athletes out of women’s sports would prevent them from being “authentic”, winning themselves with a vote that overtook a veto He is going.

    Democratic Governor Laura Kelly lifted a proposed ban on transgender athletes in girls and women’s sports in Kansas, but Conservative Republicans wanted to reverse the move and gain momentum through the success of similar initiatives in other states.

    Katelyn Jenner, the ultra-reality TV sensation and former Olympic decathlon champion, spoke in favor of the ban despite Kelly’s interference, calling it a “Question of fairness” For the contestants.

    The state Senate eventually voted 26–14 in favor of blocking the vote, meaning supporters were reduced to one vote by the two-thirds majority needed to launch a vote in the House.

    “The fact that we have people who are ready to step in and say, ‘No, we’re not going to do any discrimination in Kansas, we’re not going to let it go, we’re going to fulfill the governor’s veto My heart is going very much “ Responded to Stephanie Byers, a Wichita Democrat who addressed the hearing.

    “We live in a country [where] We are seeing that our society is evolving, we are moving forward… and it is going to continue because, as a country, we are becoming more loving and accepting.

    He said, ‘We will not discriminate here. It’s going to be tough fighting, but we’re always going to do it. “

    Several states, including Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, have enacted sanctions laws, while a legislature with Republican supermajorities also failed to override a similar governor’s veto in North Dakota last month.

    “Nobody can blame [Jenner] Anti-trans or interested in causing suicide, or whatever accusations I have for it, “ Republican Senate President Ty Masterson told reporters before the Razor-Thin vote, while one of his colleagues, Senator Renee Erickson, said Kelly showed him “True, far-fetched bastard.”

    “I think if we make about what it really is – protecting those opportunities for girls – they are Kansas values. At the end of the day, it will hurt the governor politically.”

    There were reportedly tears of relief after the vote. “After a long reputation of being anti-LGBT, this state is making progress on rights for LGBT people and it is progressing on the rights of transgender people,” Tom Witt, rights group echoing Kansas as executive director, details of Kelly’s proposed ban “Retrograde”.

    Senator David Healey, a Democrat, who openly acknowledged how disappointed he was to make a decision when he spoke, cast a decisive vote.

    “This is probably one of the most difficult votes I’ve had to take because the issues are very well on both sides.” he said.

    The key factor may be a concern that leading sports bodies may have shaken Kansas as the host venue for the tournament.

    In his impenetrable testimony, Byers said: “My Native American ancestors kept alive the bounties that were placed on them.

    “Our ways of marriage were forbidden, our culture forbidden – all in an attempt to erase us systematically because we were isolated from mainstream America.

    “In Kansas, since 2016, four bills have been passed, which will put a reward on the heads of trans schoolchildren, other bills that make fun of our marriages and, more recently, a bill to make it a life-saving drug Will make hooliganism. ” To move youth.

    “This bill would prevent trans girls from verifying their identities through sports – thereby wiping them out. Trans children succeed when their identities are confirmed but it’s not always an easy path.

    “The emotional exhaustion of keeping what you have hidden, in a world that is often left out of your performance, does not welcome you, takes its toll.

    “Affirmation helps relieve the anxiety and depression that so far often leads to suicide. When my trans students will be heard using their names and their pronouns, they will ray.

    “It is a tremendous feeling not to be invisible, but to see who you really are.

    “Preventing students from playing the game gives another proof as to their authentic self, despite which you know yourself that you are just undesirable.”

    The state is said to have five active transgender participants in paranormal activities, with no known case of a transgender athlete winning the Kansas Championship.

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