Brussels says EU states should reopen for travel abroad … but only to those called RTB News

    The European Commission has proposed that those fully vaccinated against Kovid-19 should be allowed entry into the European Union, provided the virus is sufficiently suppressed in the country of departure.

    The Blak’s executive leadership recommended on Monday that member nations ban “non-essential” travel to foreign countries, having received all the necessary doses of a jab authorized for use within the European Union, upon arrival. Is at least 14 days in advance. Brussels said states could choose to expand the guideline to include all vaccines signed by the World Health Organization (WHO) for emergency use. Currently the European Medicine Agency has granted emergency approval for Pfizer-BioNotech, Modern, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson Labs.

    The proposal also states that EU members who choose to waive covid testing or quarantine requirements for vaccinated EU citizens should extend this policy so that travelers are excluded from vaccination.

    However, travelers will only be allowed to enter the European Union if they are coming from a country “The state of good epidemiology.” The commission said that as the worldwide health crisis improves, it hopes to increase the range of new coronovirus cases used to determine which countries will be greenlighted for cross-border travel . The list will be reviewed and updated every two weeks.

    The Commission stated that until its ‘Green Certificate’ vaccine passport system is fully implemented, member states should accept proof of vaccination from non-EU countries, provided the document can be authenticated and contains Include all relevant data. Member states can create web portals that allow foreign travelers to request recognition of a vaccine passport from a non-EU state, as well as a green certificate once in use.

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    To reduce the risk of new types of viruses spreading through the block, the commission made a proposal “Emergency stopper” A mechanism that would allow member states to temporarily restrict all travel from affected foreign countries.

    Children who are undaunted must be able to travel with their vaccinated parents, provided that they enter the block at least 72 hours before testing negative for Kokid-19. In such cases, the Commission recommended additional testing after arrival.

    Discussions about the proposal are expected to begin this week. If the plan is adopted by the European Council, it will have to be up to each member state to implement the measures.

    The proposed travel policy comes a week after European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen indicated that some form of vaccination certificate would soon be required for travelers arriving from the US.

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    In March, the commission unveiled a plan that would build a “Digital Green Certificate” To facilitate the movement of citizens within the European Union. The document is designed to be valid in all EU states.

    Vaccine passports have necessarily been prepared by some officials and experts to include Kovid-19 and reboot travel. Critics say that such schemes are a very large government. The Council of Europe passed a resolution in January stating that vaccination should not be compulsory and those who do not receive Kovid-19 “Cannot be discriminated against in any way,” But it was not legally binding for EU states.

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