Boxer Verdejo surrendered to police after authorities found body of ‘missing pregnant lover’ – RT Sport News

    Authorities have said that Puerto Rican boxing star Felix Verdejo has turned to authorities to face charges related to the discovery of the missing woman’s body.

    According to the FBI, Verdejo is accused of assaulting Keshala Rodriguez and injecting her with an unknown substance. The complaint also states that Verdejo tied the woman’s arms and legs to the wire and stung her with a heavy object before throwing her off the bridge on Thursday morning. It also states that he shot the woman’s body with a gun from above the bridge.

    The FBI said another unknown person is suspected of assisting Verdejo in the kidnapping and murder of Rodriguez. His body was later found in a lagoon in Puerto Rican, the capital of San Juan, on Saturday. Rodriguez’s body was identified using dental records on Sunday, said Puerto Rico’s Institute of Forensic Science.

    Verdejo and his legal counsel previously declined to comment on the issue, with police also stating that Boxer was uncooperative and refused to answer the initial questions.

    According to the victim’s family, Rodriguez was pregnant with Verdejo’s child. Keyla Ortiz, the mother of the murder victim, told local media that her daughter called her on Thursday and told her that she intended to meet Verdezzo to show her the results of the pregnancy test.

    I told her, ‘Be careful,’ because she had already threatened him, “Said Ortiz, who also said that Verdezzo told Rodriguez not to have a child for fear of a possible impact on his career and family.

    It was reported that Verdejo – who is married – has known Rodriguez since they were in school together, and she was first reported missing when she failed to work in an animal grooming business on Thursday .

    Verdezzo was a competitor at the 2012 London Olympics before he turned professional in the same year. The 27-year-old set a 27-2 record, but lost his most recent bout by Japanese fighter Masayoshi Nakatani by TKO last December.

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    The boxing star was ‘wanted by authorities on the missing woman, who was last seen at her home, that she was pregnant with her child’

    The case involving Verdejo immediately became a notoriety in Puerto Rico, particularly after another woman was recently burnt to death after filing a domestic violence complaint that was thrown out by a judge.

    As news of the discovery of Rodriguez’s body sparked a wave of mourning in the area, hundreds of mourners gathered near the bridge where his body was found to bid to demand justice for Rodriguez, along with others The women were also killed. In incidents of domestic violence.

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