Bierhoff: Flick would be an excellent coach for “Manshaft”

    Frankfurt (dpa)

    German Football Association Director Oliver Birhoff expressed his belief that the laughing flick, which is expected to leave Bayern Munich, the best candidate to succeed Joachim Löw in the training of the German national team after the upcoming European Nations Cup (Euro 2020) is. ) Belongs to.

    You could say that, now the way to talk to him is open, I know him, and Hansi would be an excellent national coach, Birhoff said in a podcast on Tuesday.

    Beyerhoff said it is good not to delay in settling matters, indicating that he hopes to make a decision about the next coach for the national team before the team plays under the leadership of Löw, the European nation There is the cup, which starts in June. 11th.

    Now I have information that we can talk to Haniji, and above all, I’m glad that this option is available, Birhoff said. Flick, a former assistant coach of Joachim Loew in the German national team, demanded that he be allowed to leave Bayern Munich before the end of his contract, and the club announced its approval a few days ago and revealed that current coach Julian Nagelsmann Huh. Ibizig will be the next coach for Bayern Munich.

    Joakim Loew will leave the coaching of the German national team after the European Nations Cup, at the end of 15 years in which he took over and gave Germany the 2014 World Cup title.


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