Aviation, travel groups urge to reopen the US-UK travel market completely

    Washington: On Monday (May 3), a coalition of US and European travel, airline, union, trade and airport groups called for a complete reopening to make the US-UK air travel market “safer as soon as possible” .

    In a letter from US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the groups said the planned meeting of leaders in early June “would be an ideal opportunity for both to announce a joint reopening of the US-UK air travel market.” Citizens of America and Britain. “

    Since March 2020 the United States has barred almost all non-US citizens who have recently arrived in the UK from the United States.

    “The return of Chantalatic Flying will not only have a considerable positive impact on our respective economies, but will also reunite those who have been separated from their loved ones for over a year,” the letter signed by the US Chamber of Commerce, Airlines . For the US, Global Business Travel Association, Air Line Pilots Association, Virgin Atlantic, UK Airlines Association, Aerospace Industries Association and others.

    “COVID-19 requires economic reopening of both countries to safely reopen borders between the US and the UK.”

    On Monday, the EU executive recommended the relaxation of the COVID-19 travel restrictions next month, so that foreign travelers from more and more countries are expected to enter the European Union, giving a boost to the tourism industry this summer .

    One question is whether the US government will participate in helping Americans establish foreign governments, so that they have been fully vaccinated in order to travel.

    White House spokesman Jane Saki has stated that “there will be no federal immunization database and no federal mandate will require everyone to obtain a single immunization credential.”

    India, Brazil, China, Iran, South Africa, Ireland, and 26 other countries in Europe that allow travel across open borders are also covered by severe travel restrictions that allow most non-US citizens to enter the United States From if they stayed within one of those countries within the last 14 days.

    In January, Biden overturned a decision by President Donald Trump to ban entry into Britain and other European countries.

    Nearly all of Europe still prohibits most American travelers from leaving, while Britain allows American visits, but 10-day quarantines and two COVID-19 tests are required upon arrival.


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