“Abu Dhabi Agriculture” warns of food rumors and tells them not to broadcast local – other –

    The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority has warned against disseminating food rumors circulating through social media applications and websites, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, and questioning their quality by spreading false and anonymous information Some food products are aimed at. Exploits the ignorance of some who broadcast them on the foundations of food safety and quality.

    The director of communications and community service at the Abu Dhabi Agricultural Authority for Food Security, Drs. Muhammad Al Hamdi said that the spread of food rumors through social media sites and applications has become one of the unfair business competition methods made by some merchants to impress their rivals and concern consumers about the quality and quality of these products. Weaken the reputation of competing products by increasing

    He stressed the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority to limit its spread to confront all food rumors and clarify the truth about the rumor and respond to it in a scientific manner, so that food in addition to the awareness of developing consumers Risk analysis can be done. Issues related to food products and urging them not to be drawn into rumors and to ensure their source and scrutiny. Accuracy of information contained in it.

    He said that some rumors circulating loudly in the community inadvertently or inadvertently prompted them to republish and send them through various means of communication, which contributed to the spread of the rumor on a wider scale and the negative effects of that Increases

    Al-Hammadi stressed that the authority is working hard to monitor any food rumors circulating through social media and websites and to correct the misconceptions pointed out by those rumors and create a correct scientific one. And is working to verify and respond to them according to the exact grounds. Consider among consumers and help them evaluate what they get from rumors and not substantiate everything contained therein.

    He stressed that all commercialized food products are subject to strict control in the supply chain, and that imported food products are subject to strict control at various outlets, as no product is allowed to ensure that it is approved specifications After completing, and inspection and sampling of foods continues in sales centers, whether in grocery stores.

    He called on the public on 800555 to contact the authority in the event of any information or complaint related to food safety on social media or through the Abu Dhabi government call center, where the authority’s inspection teams would follow any notification Huh. Is obtained from consumers and the consumer is told about the nature of the process.

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