A wife refuses to enforce the verdict of obedience in her husband – local – events and cases

    The appeal court of personal status in Ras Al Khaimah upheld the decision of the Court of First Instance proving the disobedience of the (Gulf) wife and after the failure to enforce it, on the day she renounced the matrimonial home Renunciation of the right to amicable maintenance from. An order was issued against her marital obedience.

    In detail, the husband of a newspaper filed a lawsuit, in which he stated that his wife refused to return to the matrimonial home and took into consideration the affairs of her family and rejected her honor, and to prove her disobedience Demanded the verdict for and the loss of all his legal and legal rights, on the basis of saying that he began to raise disputes and problems in all ways and left the matrimonial home in July last year, he ultimately refused to obey her Done, and applied to the Family Guidance Committee for divorce. Due to the loss, obtain all her marital rights, and prove custody and custody.

    The Family Guidance Committee confirmed that reconciliation was impossible and the husband filed a lawsuit in which he demanded that the wife be forced to return to the matrimonial home and enter obedience and not leave it except for her permission, while the wife sued In which he sought her divorce due to damages, attending dowry, maintenance of waiting period, her entertainment, custody of children and maintenance of her house.

    The husband’s client, lawyer Ramji Al-Ajouz, sought a verdict to prove the wife’s reconsideration and waive her legal and legal rights, while the wife’s lawyer, lawyer Yusef Al-Numi, demanded that the case Will not be accepted for filing further. Method determined by personal status law.

    The reasons for the Court of Appeal’s decision stated that the wife appealed against the first-degree verdict due to failure and corruption and destroyed her right to defend and defend against corruption because the husband intentionally harasses her, and that Resides in her family’s home due to the problems and loss of her, which prompted her to leave the matrimonial home, and the husband and witnesses confirm that her family are the ones who spend on her and his wife because she does not work. Does and is incapable of spending, and claiming her right to disobey him without disobedience, and harming her by avoiding enforcing the husband’s decision to see her children, was unfortunate and counter-productive.

    The court clarified that the husband gave a final and final court ruling, obliging the wife to return to the matrimonial home and decide on it and take care of the interests of the marriage, but that it returned without legal or legal justification Survived from

    He indicated that the wife, with the vision of her children, having sustained her in order to harm the husband as a result of his failure to enforce the decisions issued in his favor, is within the purview of a competent execution judge and the powers that compel him to Compel for Implementation of the decisions, whereby the appointment goes wrong and the court gets away with it, and with it the court decides to uphold the judgment of the appeal and force the wife to pay the expenses.

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