A Timeline of Tan Talk Seng Hospital COVID-19 Cluster

    The Singhparni Tan Talk Seng Hospital (TTSH) cluster is currently the largest active COVID-19 cluster, with a total of 40 cases related to Tuesday (May 4).

    It is also Singapore’s first hospital COVID-19 cluster.

    On 28 April, the Ministry of Health (MoH) first announced that the 46-year-old nurse employed at TTSH tested positive for COVID-19. She was posted to Ward 9D and completed her COVID-19 vaccination on 18 February.

    Identified as Case 62541, the nurse caused a cough, sore throat and body ache on 27 April and sought therapy.

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    On the same day, her test result for COVID-19 came back positive and she was wired in the National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID). Ward 9D was closed on 28 April.

    Since the discovery of the first case at TTSH, the Health Ministry has announced more cluster-related cases every day, with officials saying something is expected to happen.

    Here’s how the cluster has unfolded so far:

    April 29: TTSL subscriber has nine cases in total

    The MOH reports that Ward 9D has six case patients, the oldest of whom is 94 years old.

    One of them, Case 62561, started symptoms before being tested by a nurse for COVID-19.

    Giving the time period of his case, the MOH stated that the 57-year-old man developed fever on 16 April, but did not seek medical treatment.

    Two days later, he developed more symptoms and went to the emergency department of TTSH, where he tested negative for COVID-19, but was placed in Ward 7D.

    On 20 April, he was transferred to Ward 9D. He was taken to an isolation ward on 27 April after being reviewed by a doctor of infectious diseases.

    In addition to the nurse, the other two TTSH staff test positive – a 30-year-old male physician and an 18-year-old female health care assistant trainee.

    Both are attached to Ward 9D – the doctor attended the patients there, while the trainee was posted there.

    The trainee is asymptomatic and is known as part of the hospital’s testing regime, while the physician is symptomatic.

    Ward 7D is the second ward under lockdown.

    April 30: TTSH customer registers new cases, out of a total of 13

    A 41-year-old cleaner who was posted in Ward 9D, two patients in the same ward, aged 65 and 77, and a 36-year-old doctor are reported to have COVID-19 infection.

    In addition to the 77-year-old woman, the rest were found as part of an active trial of TTSH.

    The 77-year-old patient was discharged from the ward 9D to ward 9D in the nursing home of the United Medicare Center (Toa Payoh) after testing negative for the virus a day earlier.

    On 28 April, he was identified and separated. She tested positive for infection on the same day.

    TTSH closes wards one and two – ward 9c and ward 10b.

    May 1: TTSH subscriber 3 new cases, 16 in total; 88-Year-Old Female Witch

    An 88-year-old woman whose case was registered on April 29 died of complications related to COVID-19. The woman had a history of cancer, hypertension, congestive cardiac failure, stroke, and hyperlipidemia.

    He is the 31st COVID-19 fatal condition of Singapore.

    The MOH states that another two patients who were in Ward 9D, aged 70 and 74, have tested positive for COVID-19.

    The 70-year-old tested negative for COVID-19 on April 28, while staff members and patients at TTSH were in the affected ward as part of the trial.

    He was transferred to NCID the same day and tested positive for the virus two days later.

    The 86-year-old woman, the wife of a patient in Ward 9D, is the third case connected to the cluster today.

    She sought medical treatment at Khoo Tej Pakka Hospital on 30 April for an unrelated condition and was tested after having a fever. He tested positive the same day.

    May 2: TTSH subscribers 11 new cases, 27 in total

    One of the 11 new cases is a physiotherapist who works in Ward 9D. She tested positive after being placed under quarantine.

    Five cases are patients who were discharged from Ward 9D. They were placed under quarantine and tested positive for COVID-19. The cases are two male patients aged 79 and 84 and three female patients aged 60, 65 and 89.

    Two more cases are patients of Ward 9D – aged 90 and 98.

    The remaining three cases are family members who visited patients admitted to Ward 9D between 18 April and 28 April. He tested positive during quarantine.

    May 3: TTSH client has eight new cases, 35 in total

    Five cases are patients, aged between 53 and 94, who were in Ward 9D.

    The remaining three are TTSH employees – a nurse in the emergency department, a nurse in ward 9D and a porter. Staff members were traced as part of the trial of all hospital staff.

    COVID-19 Tan Talk Seng Hospital Cluster

    May 4: TTSH subscriber five new cases, 40 in total

    The MOH reports five new community cases, all associated with the TTSH cluster.

    The ministry said the cases were traced to active testing or close contacts of hospitalized patients, visitors and staff members and had already been placed in quarantine.

    Details of new cases will be released at night.

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