A new crisis between the European Union and Russia

    European bodies summoned the Russian ambassador to the European Union on Monday following Moscow’s decision to ban eight European officials, according to the European Commission.

    A spokesman for the European Union’s Foreign Minister Josep Borel said, “The ambassador has been summoned and should be received in the afternoon for the Secretary General of the European Commission and the European Agency.” We will strongly condemn and reject this decision. “

    On Friday, Russia prevented eight European officials from entering its territory, including European Parliament Speaker David Sasoli, European Commission Vice President Vera Gurova, Berlin prosecutor Jug Raubach and French Representative Jacques Mair, on the issue of anti-venom opposition figure Alexi Rhetoric included. Navy for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

    According to a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow is reacting to this, in particular, to the sanctions imposed by the European Union on 2 and 22 March on senior Russian officials, while Moscow faces an open challenge to it Considered a step from purpose. Freedom of Russian domestic and foreign policies. “

    On Friday, the European Union condemned the Russian move, and the chairman of the European Parliament and Council, Charles Michel, and the chairman of the commission, Ursula von der Leyen, confirmed in a joint statement that “the EU reserves of Russian officials The right to take appropriate measures in response to the decision. “

    On Saturday, member states announced in a statement issued by EU foreign affairs official Josep Borel in his name that Moscow “chose a path of confrontation rather than seeking to reverse the negative course of relations between the two sides”.

    A spokesman for the European Foreign Minister said that “negotiations are underway to develop a unified response among the member states”. The EU’s response will be discussed among the foreign ministers of the member states, and according to the European diplomat will be placed on the agenda of the European summit on 25 May.


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