8 Myanmar security forces killed as open fire

    Nayapitav [Myanmar], 3 May (ANI): Myanmar comes into crisis on 1 February, three months after the coup, as eight people were killed in a shootout by security forces in some of the biggest protests against military rule in the country.

    Following CNN’s notice, protests were coordinated in Myanmar communities around the world to mark the ‘global Myanmar spring revolution’.

    “Move the world with the unity of the people of Myanmar,” the organizers said in a statement. Streams of protesters, led by some Buddhist monks, made their way through cities and towns across the country, including the commercial center of Yangon and another city in Mandalay, where two people were shot and killed, Mizima news agency reported.

    Local media reported that three people were killed in the central city of Waitlet and two were killed in different cities of Shan State.

    Citing local media, CNN reported that an explosion occurred outside a police barrack in Yangon in the early hours of Sunday. No casualties have been confirmed.

    Later, some more explosions occurred in the city, one of which occurred outside the administration officer’s house, in which one person was injured.

    The Assistant Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) advocacy group says that security forces have killed at least 759 protesters since the coup.

    Protesters in Tokyo demanded that the Japanese government recognize the National Integration Government, a parallel institution, as a legitimate government in Myanmar, while showing their disdain for military rule in Taipei.

    On 1 February, Myanmar’s army overthrew the civilian government and made a year-long declaration of emergency. The coup triggered mass protests and met with deadly violence.

    The military takeover triggered mass protests that led to violent clashes and brutal suppression of peaceful protesters. More than 750 people have been killed in 2.5 months of protests while thousands of others have been detained.

    On April 24, Janta leader Min Aung Helling met with ASEAN leaders in Jakarta, where they were urged to immediately stop “military violence” against protesters and release detained civilian leaders. (ANI)


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