34 vehicles collided on the route from Dubai to Sharjah

    The Al Qudra Bridge in the direction of Sharjah was followed by a collision between 34 vehicles on Emirates Road, resulting in four serious, minor and two minor injuries and traffic stopped.

    Brigadier Saif Muheer Al Mazroui, director of the General Traffic Department at the Dubai Police, said a report received by the Command and Control Center management said that there were a collision between several vehicles on Emirates Road after the Al Qaeda Bridge. Failure to leave Sharjah as a result, reduced horizontal visibility, and safety distance of drivers. Enough for a collision accident, a series of collisions between other vehicles resulted, and 34 vehicles were damaged.

    Al Mazraoui appealed to drivers to exercise caution and caution while driving in inclement weather and wind speeds and to adhere to safety and security rules, emphasizing the need to reduce speed in these conditions due to reduced visibility. Could.

    He emphasized on reducing speed and leaving sufficient distance between vehicles beyond normal distance, not passing other vehicles, avoiding parking in the middle of the road in the event of a minor accident and changing lanes except in the case of lane turn. When following signs indicating need, as well as in case stopping the vehicle on the right side of the road, blurring visibility and using four signs for safe and alert vehicles coming from behind, in addition to high lights Not using other drivers’ vision, not using hazardous lights while driving, not being distracted other than on the road, using windshield wipers, and getting rid of the steam accumulating on the windows. Inside the vehicle, and beware of road surprises. , As it plays a big role in the occurrence of accidents.

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