3 things to get rid of lethargy and laziness after breakfast

    Sami Abdul Rauf (Dubai) Many people suffer from lethargy and laziness after breakfast in the month of Ramadan, and the main reason for this is to eat heavy food long after the stomach empties.

    Therefore, it is better to break the fast only on several dates and water, and eat a light meal after praying the Maghrib as a sandwich with a light cup of tea and milk, and Drs. According to, postpone dinner after Taraweeh. , Theseus Othman, a consultant in family medicine.

    Breakfast has a variety of foods that make you feel sleepy, such as high-sugar sweets, as it increases blood sugar levels and the body releases insulin to resist a sudden rise in blood sugar, And insulin causes the brain to stimulate the production of melatonin, causing sleepiness and sleepiness.

    Othman also points out that drinking adequate amounts of water keeps the body hydrated, and allows the digestive system to function normally and more smoothly, suggesting that the body must be able to relax and get enough sleep to fast. The chances of the person feeling lethargic are reduced.

    She said that when eating a large meal for breakfast, there is a disturbance in the work of the digestive system, which leads to poor concentration and difficulty in digestion, indicating that it may be inactivity due to the quality of the food, because The body needs some vitamins and minerals to provide energy to bones and muscles. If the body does not meet these needs, a feeling of laziness and fatigue begins, so it is important to try to eat some vegetables and whole grains that serve the purpose and provide energy, as well as keep the food good. We try to chew the way because the saliva contains digestive enzymes, which makes the stomach function easier.


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