150.4 thousand inspections for food establishments in Abu Dhabi last year – Local – Other

    The Abu Dhabi Agricultural and Food Safety Authority made 150,419 inspection trips to food establishments operating in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi during the last year 2020, in compliance with its supervisory role and its responsibility to achieve the highest level of food security.

    Causes vary from inspection visits conducted by the authority’s food inspectors during routine inspections to monitor misbehavior and to verify the establishment’s commitment to correct misconceptions through approved procedures or follow-up visits. Visits to follow an administrative order or decision on administrative closure.

    According to the statistical report for the year 2020 released by the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority, food establishments operating in the city of Abu Dhabi accounted for more than half of the inspections during the previous year, representing 55, reaching 82,144 inspection visits. Percentage of total visits, while the number of visits to Al Ain reached about 52,647. Travel rates of 35 percent compared to 10 percent in the Al Dhafra region, with a number of 15,628 inspection visits.

    Tighten inspection food, food outlets, food outlets, distribution centers, suppliers, and retail stores as well as food, food shops, distribution centers, suppliers and retail stores providing other food activities in all areas of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi Provides the purpose of Controls over all food establishments and ensuring compliance with the provisions of Law No. 2 / of 2008 in the case of food in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and legislation issued, and verification of its efficiency in meeting the needs of the best food. Community according to safety standards.

    The inspection trips also focus on adherence to health requirements and circulars regarding precautionary measures issued by the authority regarding prevention of “Kovid-19”, so as to ensure access to the highest levels of food safety and the well-being and safety of society Possible .

    Food inspectors work to ensure that health and food safety standards are enforced in these establishments, particularly in the storage, preparation, and demonstration areas, to ensure their employees have the most important good practices to ensure food safety. In addition to educating about, such as dealing with foods. Healthy ways of focusing on conservation, storage, general cleanliness of preparation areas and their awareness of the importance of health and personal hygiene, availability of necessary disinfection and sterilization materials in the facility, hand washing in facilities designated for this Has been committed, wearing protective clothing such as head covering, masks and gloves, and focusing on closing doors and window openings, especially in storage areas, food operators to follow food safety practices and requirements To establish responsibility for.

    The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority asked the consumer public to contact it and report the violation found in any food establishment by calling the Abu Dhabi government’s toll-free number 800555.

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